Artists’ Conclave believes in collaboration with National and International Artists, Art Societies and organisations worldwide to enrich and epitomise the SOUL of ART in any form. Our focus is on young emerging artists with an experimental approach to practice and expand the horizons of South Indian art audience.


The art of merging two or more creative whizzes, whether it is an artist and a writer, an artist and a photographer or an artist and a musician, these powerful partnerships have the ability to create a massive explosion of creativity resulting in an expanded, well thought out concept.


At Artists’ Conclave, like minded Artists get together every now and then to stir your emotive responses in the effort to awaken the spirit of self awareness through their shared associations, conflicts, cultural investigations all wrapped in pursuit of a visual language we have been conducting regular events since 2011 at various cities in India, Sydney, and Singapore.

Our Artists

Kalpana Yuvarraaj


Kalpana Yuvarraaj , an Artist and an Entrepreneur, US State Alumni, and a Post Graduate from Madurai Kamaraj University, is currently persuing Doctorate in Social Entrepreneurship. She has conducted and participated in many group shows and solo shows as well in Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Singapore, Wahington D.C. and Hongkong.



Dhakshinamurthy is an artist who digs out stories from the huge treasury of myths. And this mythical dimension gives an ornamental nature to his works. He believes that diversity is part of our tradition. With his divine bliss his canvas becomes a setting for a larger drama of a divine life where we see eternal stream of love. He builds up his canvases with thick layers of paint and then smoothes, furrous and overlays with many colours and forms hence the canvas is no longer a mere surface but a feature integral to the dance drama of the painting.

Carmelita Roy


Carmelita Roy, Fine Art Graduate from Stella Maris, Chennai has a unique way of portraying the female forms. She constantly conveys the shredding of the past and moving into the future happily. Despite the vivid colouring and lavish use of gold in most of the works, the emotions they convey are those of desolation, isolation and anticipation.

Geetha Senathipathi


Born 1968 chennai, Geetha is the daughter of M.Senathipathi and is fortunate enough to be trained by him throughout her career as an artist. She creates sculptures and murals in copper and bronze. Like her father she too captures the mythical images and presents the work in her own style. She works in the cholamandal artists village in chennai and participates in many group shows across india.



Born in 1969, daughter of Shri.M.Senathipathi, Senior Artist & President of Cholamandal Artists’ Village, Chennai. “I began my career as his assistant, and my work reflects those antecedents and I moved on to Copper Metal Reliefs, Sculptures, and Paintings. For over Two and Half Decades, I have taken part in many Art Exhibitions and Solo Shows in all over nation and in abroad.



Born in 1950 in Tamilnadu a self-taught artist, A.V. Ilango made his debut in 1973 on completing his Masters in Mathematics at the Bangalore University. Inspired by his childhood memories of street markets, Temples and festivals he set off with a colourful palette . The architectural and sculptural splendors of Madurai temples fascinated him.



Born in 1977, Saravanan son of Artist Senathipathi, lives and works in Cholamandal Artists Village, Chennai. “I am experimenting paintings in Tribal forms. Expressions of their living style, Appearance, movements, etc. I am doing paintings in Mythology series. I used to make some textured effect (Rough surface) using crushed rice papers to make them on to the handmade papers and apply texture white on canvas to make a thick surface on the canvas, to feel a Texture effect “.

Thejomaye Menon


Thejomaye Menon is an artist from Chennai . She did her M.A.M Phil in Fine Arts from the prestigious Stella Maris College. She now works as an Associate Professor of Art & Design at JBAS College Chennai. Her artistic career started in the year 1992 . Thejo’s paintings reflect her strong lineage to her native Kerala. The folk tradition, the performimg art of Kerala and her own training as a Bharatanatyam dancer has been a source of inspiration.